25 years of Air Huaraches: our top 5 releases

Blane Davey looks at the favourite shoe of every 18 year old at a house rave; the Nike Air Huarache…

Before the house shuffle, before the cheeky Nando’s and even before the hipster quiff; Nike gave us the Air Huarache, and it’s 25 years old this year.


Tinker Hadfield’s iconic design was released in 1991 with the slogan ‘Have you hugged your feet today?’ and it quickly became popular as a runner that you could wear every day.

And it speaks volumes when you still see a shoe that old pretty much every day.

So I’ve decided to take a look back at some of the best Nike Air Huarache’s and give my opinion of the best five releases in history.

5. Stüssy x Nike Air Huarache Desert Oak (2000)

Although these weren’t the first of Nike’s now-many collabs these were certainly one of the most popular. Bringing in a popular streetwear brand like Stüssy in for a collaboration made this a highly sought after model and it also formed a partnership that is still going strong today. Although they released an olive colourway I believe that it is the ‘Desert Oak’ that deserves to be in the list.  The desert brown tones and the beige/brown upper/neoprene give this Huarache a different look from all the vibrant sporty colours.

4.  Original LE “Slate” Shadow-Midnight Navy-Black (1991)

I’m a big fan of taking a sports shoe and giving it a casual look, so of course the ‘Slate’ had to be on the list. The shoe features a soft nubuck leather in shades of midnight blue with a deep blue neoprene and black highlights, and is definitely suitable for anywhere. Also released again in 2000.

3. Triple Black (2004)

Although an all black shoe is nothing out of the ordinary, there’s just something special about the Triple Black Huarache, and it’s certainly a contender for the best all black sneaker of all time. Originally released in 2004, the Triple Black has been retro’d every year since 2014 and, with its immense popularity, we don’t see that stopping any time soon.



2. ACG Pack  (2007)

Forgive me for choosing a pack rather than a single shoe this time; but when the whole pack is this good, it would be foolish not to. After the shoe was on holiday between 2005  and 2006, it certainly came back with a vengeance and the famous ACG treatment. Flawless colour work on all three models means that I couldn’t just pick one. Even 9 years on, these will set you back quite a bit.

1. Scream Green (1991)


Not the first colourway from the original 1991 release but certainly the most recognisable. Just like the Triple Black, the Scream Green is a timeless classic, and one that is still as popular today as it was back in 1991. When many people think of the Huarache, the first one that comes to mind is this one, and for that reason, it just had to be number one on the list. Retro’d in 2014.

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