Vegan Adventure: Why?

CC’s Karter Byrne explains why he’s going on his Vegan Adventure…

Veganism seems to be the big thing nowadays. Everyone and their nans’ seem to be making the switch and giving up all animal products, while sharing brutal videos of dodgy slaughterhouses onto your  Facebook news feeds, sliding “#vegan” into their Instagram bios, and ruining pre-drinks by slagging off everyone there for having no morals and being ‘murderers’.

Now let’s be honest, we’ve all taken the piss out of someone for doing it, haven’t we? I know I certainly have. About how smug they are, about how militant they are, about how much they go on about it, about how they’re weirdos and probably smell icky and have hairy armpits and wear socks with sandals or maybe even Crocs… You get the drift.

But one day, fresh off a conversation with a good friend of mine who decided to make the switch, I thought about it for a bit.

There must be something to it, surely. Why else would they be so vocal about it? Why else would they make the change?

Or is it all bullshit?

So, despite having little to no cooking ability, and having probably had meat and dairy products every day for the past 21.75 years, I’ve decided to go vegan.

Only for a week, mind, so put away the bunting, and Queenie, don’t worry about putting me on the Honours List.

But still, it’ll be a bit of a challenge, purely because I love meat and I love dairy.

I get through a ridiculous amount of milk, and I literally eat so much meat, I don’t even notice it.

But for one week, I’m gonna be totally vegan (apart from my leather trainers, purely because I can’t afford new ones) for 7 full days.

I’m going to keep you all updated on here, and hopefully let you in on why people make the change, whether they’re all uber-militant, and how hard it actually is for an average guy to become vegan.

Welcome to my Vegan Adventure.

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