What should we be listening to?

Sony-Walkman-and-the-80sHere at Concrete Collar, we’d like to think we’re pretty open-minded when it comes to music.

From Radiohead to Kendrick, New Order to Section Boyz… we’d like to think we’ve got it covered…

However, we’re fairly conscious that at times, our listening habits do kind of resemble an indie wanker’s wet dream… and that’s where you come in.

You see that nifty little form below? There, you can send us what you think we should be listening to, and we’ll have a crack at it.

1 little tip: I’ve probably got an exciting summer lined up of ‘Gem 106‘ (if you know, you know), so if there’s any chance you’re thinking of suggesting something like Sam Smith or Leona Lewis, just don’t.

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What should we be listening to?

And if you fancy having a look at what we’re listening to at the moment, here it is, in the form of a Spotify playlist. The wonders of the modern world, eh?