My Top 5: Christian Soobz

As part of our regular Top 5 series, UK rap DJ Christian Soobz – from be83 Network‘s podcast ‘Don’t Forget to Eat’ – gives Concrete Collar 5 tracks that he’s rating at the moment…

Mist– Smokey

This one has a mellow vibe, and it’s a refreshing sound when compared to other stuff coming out of the UK trap scene. Mist isn’t just being booked in Birmingham at the moment… he’s getting bookings all over the country, and he’s making a lot of moves.

Nafe Smallz– Ferrari

Surprisingly, the song is centred around getting a Ferrari, and I really, really like the hook to it. Nafe Smallz has done a few things this year that should be getting talked about more… he’s been on Future’s European tour, supporting him in Amsterdam and Birmingham; he’s opened for Rich Homie Quan at both his London shows; he’s opening for Scrapz’ first show in London… the kid’s really making moves!

RM– Click Clack Bang

RM has been consistently dropping hard UK rap songs recently… he doesn’t sound like your typical UK rap; his sound has gone back to more hip-hop rap, which I rate.

E Blessed– No Drama

I really like the content what he pushes out. I think his stuff has lyrically broadened UK rap’s horizons; it’s very reflective, and he shows a wide range of emotions; something that’s a nice contrast to the usual aggression and bravado. I think he’s shown people that you don’t just have to speak about drink and drugs…

Scrapz – They Ain’t Ready

The video had a great story to it, and was really professionally done. This was a single from his album ‘The End of the Beginning’, which did very well; it finished just outside the Top 40 without any promotion or PR, and this track got 1 million views on YouTube quite quickly… Scrapz is doing really well at the moment, for sure.

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