Thank God it’s Friday?

I’ve never been to TGI Friday’s. Mad, eh? But Concrete Collar’s Ana has, and she wrote about it…

The only thing better than the end of a long, hard week is an “end of the week” meal. And what better place to go to for such a lunch, other that T.G.I. Fridays?

Situated in the heart of Edgbaston (only a 5-minute drive from Five Ways Rail Station), the all-American restaurant was giving out an infectious buzz from the moment we walked in, until we left with our bellies full and a satisfied grin on our faces. Maybe food just tastes better on a Friday.

So when your boss takes you and your co-workers out and you have to order first because they are undecided (Men. Am I right?) your first thought is “I better order something that an adult would order, because if I just pick the cheeseburger I’ll look weak”.

So I put my game face on and ask for the steak. My credibility is unfortunately ruined when I have to ask for detailed information about what to me sound like Game of Thrones characters, but in reality they are just types of steak (FILLET, RIBEYE, SIRLOIN, RUMP).

I try to act like an adult still and ask for a well done fillet, with a side of fries and one house salad.

My boss smiles amused and orders a cheeseburger. Yes, a cheeseburger.

I learnt an important lesson that day: Never try to keep yourself from losing face in front of others when it comes to food. Always go for what your heart desires.

And because I am not done making food sound poetic, the waitress returns shortly with my food, and it’s like watching a bride walk down the aisle. Ok, maybe it’s a bit too poetic, but just take a look at this beauty:

IMG_2994 (1)

My gorgeous steak (because who said food can’t be pretty) is firm, yet juicy, brown through and a delight to eat. Accompanied by some of the tastiest French fries I have ever tasted (and I have eaten my fair share of chips in my life) this dish pleases me on every front as it’s worth every penny.

While I delight in my reasonably sized dish, one of my co-workers ordered something called “The Warrior”. Words fail me when trying to describe this food, so I snuck in a picture of it.

Picture1 (1)


The rumour is that he is still trying to finish it…

And on the side he orders sweet potato fries. To me that is like going to McDonald’s, eating three times your body weight and asking for a Diet Coke.

And on that note I conclude my little story about a girl and a steak meeting in an American restaurant on a very special Friday. Will their love story continue? Will they see each other again? Will it feel the same? Stay tuned to find out.

pic 2

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