My Top 5- FZKS’s Dean Pattison

In the first of what will be a regular series, Dean Pattison, from FZKS Audio, gives us his Top 5 dark techno tracks that he’s been blasting out in his sets…

Randomer – Bring

Big tune out at the moment… a few months ago, we were pretty much the only place in Birmingham that was playing this, but recently other DJs seem to be cottoning on it, and I’ve hearing it everywhere

Joy Orbison – Hypho Mongo

When we DJ as a 3, we normally play this towards the end of our set… at risk of sounding cliched, it’s a real crowdpleaser

Burial & Four Tet – Unreleased Untitled

In my opinion, this is the best unreleased track ever… It has some crazy Whitney Houston sample. Burial said that he never got round to releasing it, and it’s probably never going to be properly released, which is a shame as I wish I had it!

MORT – Drums

Mort used to be Morrt, and he had that real housey ‘Disclosure’ vibe, but recently he’s changed his style completely. He’s one of our residents at FKZS events, and he’s done a few podcasts with big brands on the internet, such as ‘Watch The Hype’… he could still play under his old name and get big bookings but he wants to move forward with something he really enjoys, and it sounds great

Nuvaman – Jawstomp

As long as Nuvaman manages himself right, he’s gonna be big… This track’s really heavy, and is one of those where you have to hear it to understand it. When we supported General Levy, we played this, and you can play it to that sort of crowd because its more bass-oriented… Your Rainbow crowd probably wouldn’t get it.

Check out FZKS’s website, Facebook and Twitter for more info on their upcoming events (including packages for the Forbidden Forest festival), or check out their Soundcloud if you want to get a taste of their sound…

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