My Top 5: Naomi-Leigh Morgan

In another edition of our regular Top 5 feature, BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra assistant producer Naomi-Leigh Morgan gives us her favourite UK dancehall bangers…

K More– London Don

Even though K More’s originally from the Caribbean, this one has a proper UK twist, as it has a grime beat… he’s really popular in the scene right now, and this tune is growing and getting recognised by a lot of dancehall DJ’s.

Trenz– Tip Like Ballerina

This is the kind of song that you hear in a club… it’s a proper ‘girl’s’ song as you can properly bruk it down! Its normally artists from the Caribbean that create really dancey dancehall tracks, and Trenz is one of the first UK artists to really do one!

J Kaz– Wine Potion

J Kaz is really growing in stature in the UK dancehall scene… he’s a sick performer at raves and is constantly releasing new music…

G Maffiah- We Nuh Sponge

He is from the Caribbean but grew up in London, and his songs really capture that ‘island’ feel…He has some of the best riddims in the UK scene right now!

Lady Chann ft Rage- Not Me

Lady Chann is probably the number 1 dancehall female artist in the UK… this is a big track but you should definitely check out some of her 1Xtra freestyles, because she really made a name for herself with them!

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