Vegan Adventure: Anti-Vegans

On our Vegan Adventure, we’ve obviously heard from vegans… but what about anti-vegans? They exist, they have a Facebook page (or 50) and they’re angry. Concrete Collar spoke to Zoltan, a 25 year old Hungarian agriculture worker, about why he doesn’t like vegans…


Why are you so anti-vegan?

They lie about agriculture a lot, and that really pisses me off!

What do exactly do they lie about? Obviously you work in agriculture, so what do they get wrong or make up?

When they say that produced crops used for animal breeding are suitable for humans, and also their belief that, because they don’t consume or use animal products, they’re being good for the environment.

So a lot of the food used as feed couldn’t be used for humans then?

Many farmers produce crops- such as soy, wheat, corn etc.- on fields that have poor soil quality. Crops suitable for humans require large quantities of artifical fertilizer and reagent, which aren’t good for the environment!

What about organic crops? Obviously the yield isn’t as great but many vegans could or would only stick to them?

For organic crops, farmers use organic fertiliser, which comes from animal waste. These animals aren’t bred on a large scale, making organic crops more expensive.

Do you eat a lot of meat then?

I have a balanced diet, including meat and vegetables.

Then surely, if you eat meat as well as these fertilised crops, you’re just doing twice the damage to the environment?

But I only eat meat that I raise for myself on a small scale. I raise chickens and pigs, while my friend raises cows.

Are they raised free-range?

The chickens are but the pigs are only semi-free, which means they have space to move but are caged. I look after them well; they’re kept warm in winter and cool in summer, and they are fed and cleansed regularly, and are provided with fresh roughage.

Surely that doesn’t make killing them for food any better though? Especially if you’re able to grow crops?

We can’t harvest the vegetables all year long, as I cannot preserve them, and most field crops that we harvest here are only fodder quality. Animal farming is the only way we can make enough money to keep going, really/

So basically, you’re anti-vegan for monetary reasons, as you don’t think you could make the same amount of money by converting fully to crop farming… am I right?

It’s not just the money, I’m just realistic. If all I had was crop farming, I would’ve starved to death by now! I don’t think vegans realise how hard and expensive farming is…I just think veganism and vegans are idealistic, and they think they’re superior just because they don’t eat meat or consume animal products.


For example, I was arguing with a vegan the other day, and I was saying to him that he was wrong… I translated some of my agrodata- which is official data provided by farmers across the world. He then called me stupid, because apparently the data- which came from real life farmers- was not good enough, as it was not part of an academic study. I asked him if his academic studies factor in the soil or crop quality in it, but he was really arrogant about it, saying that he knew the truth! Vegans have no respect for others, and they’re really high and mighty about things, and I hate them


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